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Six Generation Family Tree Chart Birth date and place Marriage date and place Chart 1 on this chart is on chart Death date and place Spouse
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Who Needs Six Generation Family Tree Chart?

Sometimes people spend many years, efforts, banknotes and nerve cells to find out the family origins. This may appear to be a complete disappointment or even a tragedy as it is too complicated to trace the family genealogy. The Six Generation Family Tree Chart is a tool that helps fill up generation family gaps.

What is Six Generation Family Tree Chart for?

Nowadays, it is already a trend to create a generation family tree, find out who your grandma was and where your grandpa lived and studied. An evidence of your grandma’s belonging to the upper class produces a special experience and causes lots of pleasant emotions. It may even turn out that you are a nobleman’s descendant.

Generally, everyone knows the first two or three family generations. However, it becomes much harder to trace the fourth, fifth and sixth family lines. The chart’s purpose is to keep it in order.

When is Six Generation Family Tree Chart Due?

You can’t stick to a certain deadline regarding the generation family tree chart. It is always valid. Every member of your family deserves to be put in the chart. It is beyond the time strength.

Is Six Generation Family Tree Chart Accompanied by Other Papers?

Actually no. This chart is a single and independent document. However, you may keep it with the documents that somehow refer to the family members pointed out in this chart.

What Information do I Include in the Chart?

The paper is divided into 6 charts. Every chart must include such information about the family member as the name, date and place of birth, marriage date and place, death date and place. Of course, it may be difficult to collect all this information, but at least try to do it.

Where do I Send Six Generation Family Tree Chart?

You must not send this chart to someone. It is your personal family document.

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